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Behind the Build: A Client's OG Green Sarto Seta Plus

Peter Harrington |

If in doubt, go with what you know. Whether you’re purchasing a new bike for the first time in thirty years, as was the case for the owner of this effervescent Sarto, or choosing a pizza in an unfamiliar town (calzone, c’mon!), there’s something to be said for safe bets.

Finding himself somewhat at sea with the latest tech and leading brands in the cycling space, our client chose to chase a well-worn 1990 Bianchi Veloce with its modern-day equivalent, a hand-built carbon fibre Sarto Seta Plus. But whereas our client’s beloved Bianchi was set up for long, flat cross country rides, this time around, we recommended a more versatile setup better suited to the terrain of the Bay Area.

For the wheels, our Italophile made a left turn, ditching the Dolomites for something fresh from Down Under, as he explains: “I chose Partington wheels because of the amazing pedigree of the founder and to support an emerging player in wheel design – we need more of that, always.” And that Klein-ish green? “That was the color of my very first bicycle when I was 7!”

Go with what you know. Go with what glows. Explore the gallery below.


FRAME: Sarto Seta Plus

COCKPIT: Black Inc bar/stem

DRIVETRAIN: Campagnolo Super Record EPS

WHEELS: Partington R-Series

TIRES: Vittoria Corsa Control 30c

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