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Pinarello Bikes

When promising Giro d’Italia racer and frame builder Giovanni Pinarello opened the doors to his small shop in Treviso, Italy, in 1952, he had one goal: to make the world’s best bicycles. Seven decades later, Giovanni’s boundary-pushing ethos and singular vision continue to elevate Pinarello's road and gravel bikes to the highest levels of success.

Pinarello Dogma


From Miguel Indurain to the Telekom team of the 1990s via Team Sky and today's Ineos-era, Pinarello and pure performance have always gone hand in hand. But you don't win back-to-back Grand Tours without building in comfort. Whether you pick Pinarello's impressive Prince or top-tier Dogma road bikes, or head off-road with their gravel-going Grevil, Pinarello bikes marry blazing speed with reassuring support, so no matter how far the ride takes you, you'll always come back in complete comfort.


The Pinarello Dogma has won too many Tours de France to mention (ok, eleven of the last seven at the time of writing). Not that such an impressive winning streak should come as a surprise - Pinarello’s top-tier road bike is a masterpiece of engineering. And with the Italian brand’s introduction of the Dogma F, the latest incarnation of excellence, Pinarello's Dogma series continues to go from strength to strength.

Pinarello Gravel Bikes

With the release of the Grevil, Pinarello bikes have not only joined the gravel fray but moved the needle with some rather nimble engineering. Pinarello's range-topping gravel bike benefits from a quick, comfortable and accommodating chassis that welcomes tires up to 650b x 2.1 or 700 x 42mm standards. As such, the Grevil is capable of not only traversing dirt roads and muddy meadows but the sort of rock-strewn trails that would have other gravel bikes begging for a break. In other words, it’s a Dogma on heat.