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So far it’s a solo ride.

Baum Bikes

Baum’s hallmarks are a fanatical attention to detail, extremely personal geometry/frame construction, and second-to-none paint quality. Conceived on Australia’s Great Ocean Road and carefully assembled in Geelong by a former aerospace engineer, Baum takes custom framebuilding to the absolute limit. Baum externally butts every single titanium tube on their range-topping titanium frames. Every. Single. Tube. Not only does this shear as much weight as possible from the frameset, it also gives Baum the opportunity to tune the ride almost precisely to their individual specifications – for you.

Custom Everything

Self-expression is at the core of every Corretto, and as a bicycle it’s skillset is as broad as it is specific, from Grand Tours to Gran Fondos.  A result of exhaustive testing and minute fine-tuning, it’s one of the few truly custom bikes in the world, from the manipulation of the titanium tubeset used in its construction, to the geometry of the frameset mated precisely to the rider’s individual style, to the legendary paint quality Baum’s reputation is built on.

Specialist in All Sizes

In many ways, the Baum Corretto is a shining example of the core Above Category doctrine. In a world cluttered by ubiquitous carbon engineered for the mean average, we found the Corretto to offer the biggest contrast to the five-size bicycle industry norm. This is the frameset professional cyclists lust after when they retire, when they’re no longer constrained by sponsor obligations, carbon schedules, and frames built for common denominators. Don’t believe us? Just ask Cadel Evans. Baum Cycles builds the finest custom performance road bicycles in the world out of steel and titanium in Geelong, Australia.