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Campagnolo Wheels

Considering that Tulio Campagnolo invented the ubiquitous quick-release, it should come as no surprise that Campagnolo wheels are among the finest a cyclist can choose. We’ve been riding them for generations, from the days of indexed bar-end shifters to today’s high tech age of electronics and hydraulics, and they keep on proving to be some of the most enjoyable wheels to mount on a bike. It’s difficult to explain, but there’s a certain magic that lives within any pair of Campagnolo wheels. From their entry-level alloy options to their top tier carbon rim, ceramic bearing-equipped offerings, there’s just something about them that feels different. And it feels damn good. 

Born from pure race experience, Campagnolo began creating wheels and wheel parts back in the 1930s and have since delivered countless riders to victory on the sport's grandest stage. For years, polished silver Campagnolo Record hubs paired with their iconic dark anodized box section rims were the top choice of pros and amateurs alike and continue to be some of the most sought after cycling collectibles.

Campagnolo Wheelsets


Rich history aside, Campagnolo is far more than a legacy brand, with the Vicenza factory constantly pushing to lead with design and technology. In the 90s, they made waves with offerings like the Shamal, possibly the industry's first "system wheel" with the hub, spoke, and rim designed in unison. That time also saw the birth of the Bora lineup, one of the first production carbon bike rims. In the early 2000s, Campagnolo's system wheels were some of the first to adopt the lighter, stiffer, and more aero alloy spokes - a technology pushed even further with their innovative G3 spoke lacing. Campagnolo were also some of the earliest proponents of tubeless technology with their 2-Way Fit rim designs. And may we never forget the ever-impressive Hyperon Ultras, the weight-weenie friendly shallow climbing wheels that married the classic box-section look with cutting edge performance. (They continue to be one of Chad's top wheels of choice!)


Today, the Campagnolo wheels lineup continues to impress with a curated selection of highly refined, performance wheels to meet the needs of any occasion. Sitting atop the hierarchy are the Bora WTO and freshly launched Campagnolo Bora Ultra wheels. The lightest and most aerodynamic carbon wheels Campagnolo have yet produced, the Bora Ultra WTO feature a host of features and technologies broken up into 33, 45, and 60mm depth options. 

Need a premium tubular rim? Look no further than the classic Bora Ultra line. With a 50mm or full disc offering, there's a Bora Ultra to match how fast you want to go. The classic deep V shape provides a phenomenally stiff and responsive ride, with a distinct euro style that is often just the right look on a more traditional build. And with the legendary Shamal line, Campagnolo continues to lead with accessible innovation that won't break the bank. From the pavement to the gravel, the Shamals are designed to handle it all and are an excellent choice for riders who tend to cover any type of ground.


There’s a common misconception that you can only ride a Campagnolo wheelset on a Campagnolo equipped bike. As far as we’re concerned, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to be an Italophile to enjoy the perks of Campagnolo wheels. Sure, we always love a through and through Campagnolo build, but we’d never hesitate to pair them on a bike with a Sram or Shimano drivetrain. In fact, Campagnolo can even supply a Shimano HG or Sram XDR freehub for any wheel they make, which we often do because no rider should be denied the pleasure of riding Campagnolo wheels can provide.

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your current bike with a wheel upgrade or planning a new dream build from scratch, Campagnolo wheels are worth some heavy consideration. We’ve got extensive real-time experience riding the full range, so if you need any guidance as to what model might be the best Campagnolo wheels for you, you can rest assured that at Above Category, you’re in good hands.

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