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Zipp Wheels

When it comes to aerodynamics, Zipp wheels have long reigned supreme. Pioneers of carbon rim technology, Zipp's products have a storied history of delivering the world's fastest athletes to the top step of the podium. From the World Tour to the cyclocross World Cup, from Iron Man to the Enduro World Series, from backcountry gravel epics to the local crit circuit— wherever bike racing happens, you're sure to find riders relying on Zipp wheels to go their fastest.

Zipp's history traces back to the late 1980s in the heart of the Indianapolis motor racing scene. Originally an Indy-500 motorsport engineer, Zipp's founder, Leigh Sargent, saw an opportunity to craft a better, faster carbon fiber disc wheel, a project that led to the creation of the Zipp 3000 tri-spoke style front wheel. Quickly drawing acclaim in the triathlon world, Zipp's reputation for creating the fastest bike wheels available was backed by wins at premier events like Kona.

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Throughout the 90s, Zipp continued their thirst for speed by being one of the first manufacturers to employ wind tunnels to study and perfect their aerodynamic designs. Their range expanded to more traditionally spoked wheels in their early 400 models. After proving they could make a fast wheel, Zipp's next goal was to prove that carbon rims could be made durable enough to endure the rigors of world tour road racing.

In the early 2000s, Zipp took the next step in that quest, partnering with the CSC Pro team and working closely with riders and mechanics to build a carbon wheelset up to the ultimate task—the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. From 2010 on, Zipp wheels continued to find repeat success on the most demanding Classics courses and the World Cup cyclocross circuit.

One thing is for sure, Zipp has never been afraid to push the envelope of innovation, fearlessly finding inspiration for their range of bike wheels in some surprising places. Dimpled rims inspired by golf balls? Sawtooth profiles inspired by whale fins? Single-walled MTB rims inspired by motocross? Strange, unusual, and sometimes controversial, for Zipp, anything is fair game and worth exploring in the quest for more speed. While often met with skepticism, it usually isn’t long before other makers adopt ideas set forth by Zipp.


Time and time again, Zipp has proven to build the best and fastest bike wheels in the world. In their latest lineup, they've also come to prove that a premium product doesn't always have to command a premium price. Sure, when you want the works, it'll cost you, as is the case with the brand new 353 NSW wheels, Zipp's lightest ever carbon clincher. But just as impressive is their latest 303 Firecrest—an extremely versatile 45mm tubeless disc-brake wheel that's not only the first of its kind to dip below a 1400g weight but also below a $2000 price tag. Sweet!

At Above Category, we've been riding on Zipp wheel for a long time. We love the American made craftsmanship, their tireless approach to advancing technology, and most of all, we love the way they ride. Zipp's portfolio of bike wheels is extensive, providing an ideal option for nearly any type of rider. 

We'll always recommend the 303 series as a sweet spot starting point for all-around riding. From path to the pavement, flats to the mountain tops, Zipp's 303s get the job done and come in both 700c and 650b sizes. But if you like a classic lower profile look with minimal crosswind fuss, then the 202 series could be just for you. And if you live to attack the flats and rolling hills, a 404 series wheel might be the ticket. However, if absolute aero while maintaining top speed is your game, then an 808 or Super-9 disc might be just for you

We also know that for some riders, an extra personal touch is critical. Having worked closely with Zipp for years, they've entrusted us with being one of their premier custom wheel building partners. We've built countless Zipp rims to an array of boutique hubs and would be honored to build the perfect custom set just for you. Explore our selection of Zipp wheels below. If there's something you don't see or have got a specific question you'd like to ask, drop us a line, and we'll gladly help you out!

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