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Enve Bikes

The evolution of Enve bikes reaches back to 2018 when the US brand started work on what would become its ‘Custom Road’ project, launched in late March 2021. For its first frame and complete bike, Enve surprised many with a US-made, small batch mindset that owed more to steel and titanium custom bike culture than outsourced, mass production. But to longtime Enve watchers who caught Enve's collaborations with Independent Fabrications, Cervelo, and Santa Cruz over the years, an Enve bike and frame always felt somewhat inevitable; a natural evolution from the brand's wheels, forks and components business.


Aerodynamic, carbon, and almost completely custom, the Enve Custom Road bike comes in two flavors: Race and All Road. Riders choose their platform and work with our specialists to configure a complete bike designed to their fit specs and fully decked out with Enve hardware and their choice of electronic drivetrain.

For help choosing your Enve bike, drop us a line here at Above Category, and we can walk you through your options. And for a non-stop deep dive into the Enve Custom Road project, head over to our detailed journal entry here.


Inspired and informed by Enve's work on the Custom Road, the Melee is the US brand's off-the-shelf road bike. And while it does take design cues from Enve's Custom Road program, the Melee strikes out on its own, focusing on efficiency and speed over its stablemate's endless customization options. However, there are still plenty of size options - seven in all, with five fork rakes to cater for the smallest to the tallest riders without exclusion.


For the rider seeking great design, clean lines and real-world innovation, the Enve MOG gravel bike is worthy of consideration. MOG is Enve’s first bike for blazing beyond the pavement. And for its debut trail blazer, Enve delivered a genuinely democratic gravel bike that blends best-in-class basics like low weight, a comfortable carbon chassis, and a generous size spread with well-executed ideas that genuinely improve the riding experience.