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So far it’s a solo ride.

A Walk Through the Pegoretti Workshop

Peter Harrington |

Blues, always the blues: Texas, Chicago, country, fusion, acoustic - you name it, you'll hear it during a day at Pegoretti. Non-stop blues, played out of a sweet-sounding amp and speakers that stand tall amidst welding paraphernalia, below deep windows and a deeper blue sky, opposite a giant glass cube framing the office necessaries, a train work pit recomposed as a lounge-cum-coffee area, ringed by records, paintings, pictures, books, wheel-less frames and ones with wheels.

I don't believe in energy lines, but there's energy here. Maybe it's because so much happens under one roof. There are the frames, for sure, the making, the art, the painting, but also visits, pop-ins - people from around the globe who arrive at the door with their stories and stay for coffee, lunch, and sometimes even longer. The vibe is familial, welcoming and even if you don't like the blues, after a day at Pegoretti, you won't be able to deny that it works here. You may even miss it. I know I certainly do.

Here's a video through the workshop from a recent flying trip and turnaround - all 12 bars of it.

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