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So far it’s a solo ride.

DMT Shoes

Since 1983, DMT shoes have been the watchword for quality, precision and comfort. Among their many achievements over the years, DMT were the first company to create a fully knit cycling shoe, an innovation that now features across their entire collection of bike shoes.

As an Italian brand, DMT are naturally known for road cycling shoes - witness the incendiary skills of DMT-sponsored athlete Tadej Pogačar - but DMT are also a serious player in both in the gravel and mountain bike communities. At Above Category, we’ve had the chance to ride most of the DMT shoe collection over the past few weeks, and we’ve been blown away by their comfort, support and neck-breaking power at the flick of the foot. It’s a testament to DMT’s superlative last-moulding skills and fabric expertise that their knit cycling shoes both conform to the foot and yet still provide the support of a traditional microfibre upper.