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Enve Wheels

In a sport enamored with legacy and tradition, it’s not always easy for a newcomer to make a lasting impression. But Enve wheels have done just that, becoming one the most prominent premium wheel manufacturers our industry has ever seen in an astonishingly short amount of time. Emerging on the scene in the early 2000s, Enve wheels (or rather Edge, as they were called then) began appearing on high-end custom builds and dedicated race machines, often accompanied by their forks and cockpit pieces. Instantly distinguishable by their striking palindrome logo and lauded for their tip-top, American made quality, Enve wheels quickly became a status symbol, signaling that its rider was in the know and only wanted the best.

Sure, they’re blingy, but by no means are they just for show. Enve wheels are built to perform. Their wheels have been trusted by continental and World Tour pro road racers, they’ve taken victories at the most demanding gravel races, and they’re among the top choices for time trialist and tri-athletes alike. They even built the first carbon rim to be proven worthy of World Cup downhill MTB racing. Enve knows how to build wheels that win, and if they’re good enough for the pros, you can be assured they’re good enough for you.


Enve’s biggest strength is how tightly contained, and efficient their entire production is. Perfectly positioned in the quaint town of Ogden, Utah, lies Enve’s impressive headquarters, where everything lives under one roof. The engineers sit in an office just above their bustling production floor, while their real-world proving grounds, the Wasatch Mountains, are quite literally just out the front door. Ideas can be immediately turned into prototypes, which can then be put to the test.

The entire Enve team is made up of passionate riders. And we’re not just talking hobbyists here - they can really rip! Being a superstar on the bike seems to be a requirement to being hired at Enve. Everyone in the company is genuinely vested in what they do, caring deeply about the products they produce. While “For Riders, by Riders,” is an overused marketing phrase, for Enve, it’s 100% the case.


Something unique to Enve is their thirst to fulfill any cyclist's needs, no matter how niche, the downside of which is that their portfolio of rim and wheel offerings can be pretty daunting. Their mountain bike rims alone run to six different categories, all available in various diameters and often in multiple widths. The same can be said for their road wheels as well. SES rim brake, SES disc brake, and SES AR, all available in multiple depths? That's a whole lot of wheels. Four different dedicated gravel rims? Seriously, who else is doing that?

While some might find that excessive, Enve knows that cycling is a deeply personal endeavor and that every single rider has a specific vision for what their perfect bike setup should be. Whatever kind of rider you are, and no matter how eccentric, you can rest assured that Enve has the perfect wheel for you.

Equally impressive to their vast array of offerings is the superior quality and standards all of them exude. Every single Enve wheel is made right in their Utah facility and proudly backed by their lifetime guarantee. Enve wheels are an investment, one you can count on to enjoy and rely on for years and years to come.


We’ve been riding on Enve wheels for as long as they’ve been around. We know all of their models in and out and have even contributed feedback throughout their development process. We’re happy to offer our extensive, first-hand experience riding Enve wheels to help you decide on the perfect Enve wheel for you. Whether it’s an available wheelset or a completely custom build, we’ve got the experience to steer you in the right direction.