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BOTW: A Forest Green Tri-Composite Sarto Seta Plus

Peter Harrington |

This week’s featured build comes via our good friends at Sarto in Italy. This model is the brand’s Seta Plus enhanced with Tri-Composite technology - more on that later.

In layperson’s terms, the Seta Plus is your go-to for big road rides that demand maximum comfort and real-world performance. It’s got bags of race pace, but compared to Sarto’s flying flagship, Raso (also available with TC), the Sarto Plus offers a more balanced blend of attributes - a pure endurance road bike with a classic silhouette that can dabble with gravel.

In reality, the difference between models at this level becomes quite nuanced. So, if you’re in doubt as to which frame from Sarto would best suit your riding style and goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us—we’re here and always happy to help.

Paint + TC

Almost none. The deep green throughout most of the frame stems from Sarto’s Tri-Composite technology. This carbon fibre innovation does double duty as a technical enhancement to the frame and, depending on your taste, a visual one, too. 

Available across the Seta Plus, Raso and Gravel TA, Tri-Composite technology infuses the raw carbon fibre of the frame with copper filaments. An innovation from the automotive industry, TC absorbs vibrations and localized mechanical stresses, translating to enhanced comfort and greater frame resilience in the event of a knock or crash. As to why copper is used, Enrico from Sarto explained that “It weaves well, so it’s the perfect metal for the job.” 

The filaments can be colored, and there are several options to choose from. Luckily for our client, one of them was this fresh forest green, a color so redolent of spring, it should ship with its own dewy Italian meadow. Sadly, it does not.

As you’ll note, the TC doesn’t extend throughout the entire frame. As it ends, a blooming and blotching begins, the nude carbon fibre fully exposed in a way that complements the geometric pattern of the TC.


We love Black Inc.’s one-piece cockpit, so we de-clothed it to match the frame and set it stage centre to handle control duties. 


As artisanal, performance brands, Lightweight and Sarto have much in common. And when the German brand’s wheels roll under a Sarto frame, the whole build hits a high gear. Here, we chose the Obermayer in disc format, shod with the Rene Herse Stampede Pass 32mm (Extralight), with tubes.


Eagle eyes may note an older Campy EPS group. With smaller derailleurs and much-loved thumb shifters, there are a lot of reasons to love EPS, even if it sits in the shadow of the brand’s new wireless system. We upped the ante with the standard Campagnolo version of the SRM power meter, chosen because it uses Campy chainrings.

In signature AC style, we installed Ceramicspeed’s friction-free* products where we could: pulleys, bottom bracket, pedal bearings and headset.

*Poetic licence.


Fizik’s Antares 00 Adaptive 3D-molded saddle sits atop a fully nude Sarto seatpost. 


Top-of-the-line Time XPro-15 pedals turn the cranks, while Arundel’s timeless, mile-proven bottle cages complete the build.

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