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Enve SES 2.3 Wheelset With Innerdrive™ Hubs


The Enve SES 2.3 Wheelset With Innerdrive™ Hubs

A light, high-performance road wheel made for the mountains. Read More


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Enve’s SES 2.3 road wheelset sets off for the summit with a sub-1200g weight, real-world aero advantages, and some clever engineering that makes for a way more versatile package than the ‘mountain’ marketing makes out. And for 2024, it boasts an all-new hub with a clever spoke arrangement amidst a flurry of new tech that promises to make the SES 2.3 better than ever. For more on that, head over to the AC journal where we breakdown the new Enve hubs in more detail.

A pared-down model derived from Enve’s SES 3.4, the 2.3 retains the well-regarded Smart ENVE System design elements of dissimilar front and rear rim depths for managing the complicated airflow path from the front to the back of the bike. As well as providing impressive crosswind stability and flatland aerodynamic efficiency courtesy of its 28mm and 32mm front and rear rim depths, the SES 2.3 also benefits from the brand’s hookless bead tubeless technology. Enve has long believed that tubeless is the pinnacle of road performance, so it should be no surprise that the SES 2.3 is a tubeless-only wheel.

Enve’s hookless bead tech allows its engineers to trim weight, tune comfort, maintain strength, and ensure an exacting rim bead seat diameter to provide the most precise tubeless interface. But it’s not just about a better tire and rim connection. It reduces the likelihood of pinch flatting, too.

Between the stats and the headline-grabbing tech, the Enve SES 2.3 is a light, high-performance disc wheelset, ideally suited to the big mountains, mixed-condition Sunday socials and all manner of blisteringly quick group rides.



  • Purpose-built for the mountains
  • Ultra-light and respectfully aerodynamic
  • Sub-1200 gram weight
  • Tubeless only
  • ENVE INNERDRIVE™ System w/PerfectPreload™ 
  • Four engagement options
  • Hubshell geometry refinement
  • Anti-twist spoke holes - straight-pull only
  • 8-10% lateral stiffness increase over Gen 1
  • One spoke length per wheel
  • Lighter weight
  • 100% ENVE designed oversized 42mm ratchet drive system
  • Longer bearing life
  • Reduced axle stress - less bearing drag and prolonged bearing life
  • Drive component retention
  • Automatic preload adjustment
  • Low maintenance & easy serviceability
  • Tubeless only 
  • Brake type: Disc
  • Spacing front: 12 × 100 | Rear: 12 × 142
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Minimum tire size (Labeled): 25mm
  • Depth front: 28mm | Rear: 32mm
  • Internal width front: 21mm | Rear: 21mm
  • External width front: 25mm | Rear: 25mm
  • Hole count: 24, front and rear 
  • Effective rim diameter front: 605 | Rear: 599
  • Wheelset weight: 1197g

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