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Custom Pegoretti Responsorium

Custom Pegoretti Responsorium

The Custom Pegoretti Responsorium

Builds starting from $9000

Speed, comfort and plenty of panache - Pegoretti's stainless steel Responsorium is an indulgent love letter to timeless Italian craftsmanship. Read more


Pegoretti Responsorium Disc Frameset, 'Senza Impegno'
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Custom Pegoretti Responsorium
Custom Pegoretti Responsorium
Custom Pegoretti Responsorium
Custom Pegoretti Responsorium


Based on the legendary Marcelo, Pegoretti's Responsorium is an exercise in uncharacteristic (for Pegoretti, and for us) moderation. It retains its older brother's burly looks, with oversized tubing throughout, but the Columbus metal is now stainless steel XCR, with aggressive butting to both drop weight and deliver more compliance to the rider. Chain and seatstays are slimmed down to 16mm from 18mm to soften the ride, while Pegoretti's signature hooded dropouts remain to maintain stiffness at the rear hub. The stainless tubeset is resistant to corrosion, making the Responsorium an ideal steel bike for year-round riding in unforgiving locales. Up front, the Responsorium keeps the trademark D11 Pegoretti headtube, and the house-designed Falz fork completes the signature design. 

Available in any of Pegoretti's current paint schemes or in the original “Surprise Me”, Ciavete, each Responsorium, like all other Pegoretti frames, is first a bicycle, and second a work of art. Handmade and painted in Pegoretti’s frame shop in Verona, Italy, all frames are available in stock sizing or custom geometry for an upcharge.




Ordering Process

  • Pegoretti's most popular frame
  • Fast, responsive and exceptionally comfortable 
  • Custom-drawn Columbus XCR stainless steel 
  • Named after an album by Argentine musician, Dino Saluzzi
  • Handmade in Verona, Italy
  • Custom Columbus XCR stainless steel tubing
  • Pegoretti hooded dropouts
  • 16mm cylindrical non-tapering seat stays
  • Chris King x Pegoretti D11 Headset
  • Pegoretti Falz carbon fibre fork
  • 70mm 36×24 TPI Italian bottom bracket shell
  • 31.6 seatpost diameter
  • Pegoretti seat collar and front derailleur clamp handmade in Verona
  • Max 120 kg (264 lbs) max rider weight limit
  • Rim or discs
  • Mechanical or full electronic (no gear cable guides)
  • Steel fork (instead of Falz)
  • Graphics, panel, Ciavete or solid colors paint finish
  • Black or silver Chris King D11 headset
  • Standard or custom dimensions
  • English bottom bracket (standard on the Pegoretti disc frames)

Whether you’re already set on a certain make and model of frame, or still have some questions about how to go about your build, drop us a line and we can talk through your options. From the first detail to the final finish, we'll help you dial in the perfect set up for your next dream bike.

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