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So far it’s a solo ride.

Three Pegorettis for Tre Amicis

Peter Harrington |

Three friends came to us looking for three custom Pegorettis, each finished with Ciavete 'surprise me' artwork. This week, those same tre amicis rode out of Above Category aboard their new stainless steel machines, two on Responsoriums and one on a Round. Amidst the motifs of their individual Ciavetes, small details that further personalize the rides to their owners abound - words of meaning, mantras, and playful iconography. Not that Pegoretti's signature style can be made to order. But the artists at the Officina like to know a little about the lives of their riders before they start the stream of spontaneity that concludes with a completely custom paint scheme, a piece of rideable art that remains unseen by the client until they pick up their frame, or fully-built bike.

Finished with a mix of cockpit kit from Deda, Enve and others, rocking SRAM Red and slung with Enve wheels, these handmade, hand-painted Italian machines, with their graceful Falz front forks, disc brakes and stainless steel frames, represent the perfect marriage of timeless artisanal elegance and all-conditions performance.

Enjoy the gallery below. And if you'd like to talk about your own Pegoretti, please don't hesitate to drop us a line or swing by the shop. We're here to make your dream bike happen wherever you are in the world.



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