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Bike of the Week: A Yellow Pegoretti Ciavete Dream

Derek Yarra |

No matter how the industry changes, technology evolves, or trends shift; nothing, like actually nothing, will compromise our love for an Italian steel, rim brake road bike. That's especially true when it's a bike built around a frame that has emerged from the Pegoretti workshop. Today we offer for your appreciation, our latest Pegoretti—a gorgeous stainless steel Responsorium, with a hand painted Ciavete finish and a near completely Italian build. Scroll along at your own risk, as you might find too much joy from what you're about to see...

pegoretti responsorium ciavette baaw

Hand Crafted and Hand Painted

At the core of the build is the Responsorium frame. The longtime flagship of the Pegoretti range, this stainless steel race horse is as beautiful as they come. The team in the workshop continue to faithfully carry on Dario's legacy, as is evident by the masterful handiwork seen here. Elegant round tubes, oversized D11 headtube, classic cable routing, and of course the signature head badge.

Only befitting of this hand crafted creation is the hand painted Ciavete paint. The stunning yellow base is treated with a color-blocked panel motif. Each one filled with uniquely textured swaths of color.

responsorium frame details

Fizik's Finest

The cockpit is comprised of nothing but Fizik's finest. At the front a 00 carbon handlebar is matched with an R1 alloy stem. Clean, simple, and nicely understated, with delightfully comfortable shape. Moving to the rear, we see a 00 seat post. It's been unchanged for quite some time, but why fix something that isn't broken? It's a damn fine seatpost. The only piece differing from the Fizik kit is the Throne RS saddle.

pegoretti fizik cockpit

12 Speeds of Perfection

Campagnolo Super Record. Honestly, could such a bike be built with anything else? Mechanical, obviously, and upgraded with a Campag spec. SRM power meter. 

pegoretti campagnolo super record drivetrain

Bora, Optimized

Campagnolo continues to the wheels with a set of Bora WTOs. This bike favored the shallower 33mm profile for more of classic look and a bit better performance in the hills. The USB steel bearings spin phenomenally while the rims are plenty stiff and track in the corners with unrivaled confidence. Topping them off are a pair of Vittoria Corsa Control tires. Set up tubeless and sealed with Orangeseals.

campagnolo bora wto 33

We could go on and on about how wonderful this bike is, but really we feel it speaks for itself. An Italian dream ride through and through, with beauty equally matched in in both its striking looks and sensational ride. Every Pegoretti is a bike worth celebrating, and we hope you've enjoyed this true work of art.

Lusting after a build of your own? Get in touch! The workshop is running more efficient than ever, and we're here to make the process easy. Just drop us a line and we'll get you squared away.

Need to see more of this breathtaking steed? Head to the gallery and enjoy the feast for your eyes.

pegoretti responsorium

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