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Tech Talk: The Pinarello Dogma F12 Vs The Dogma F

Ben Jones |

In 2010 Pinarello changed the face of modern carbon race bikes with the Dogma. The frame used an asymmetric design emphasizing power delivery and reduction in frame flex compared to other race bikes on the market. The Dogma2 (released in 2011) further increased aerodynamics and power transfer and had a pretty successful 2012 when raced in the Tour de France by a gentleman you may have heard of, Sir Bradley Wiggins, who went on to take the yellow jersey that year. Not content with the Dogma 2's performance, Pinarello worked with Team Sky on the Dogma 65.1 Think2, which pushed the stiffness-to-weight ratio to an even higher level. The Dogma 65.1 Think2 delivered the goods for Chris Froome, who won his first Tour de France in 2013 aboard his faithful Dogma. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

The Pinarello F12

The Dogma Goes to 12

Between 2014 and 2019, we saw the Dogma go from F8 to F12, every iteration getting stiffer, more aero, and using more advanced materials. The Dogma F12 is made of Toray T1100 1K high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber. It even incorporates Nanoalloy Technology (patented by Pinarello) to ensure the best handling performance possible with the T1100 1K. The Flatback Profile tubing allows the Dogma F12 to maintain a high aerodynamic advantage while maximizing lateral stability (read: not getting blown over) in crosswinds. In 2019 the F12 crushed the peloton at the Tour de France under Egan Bernal. The F12 is a modern race bike marvel and begs the question, how could you possibly improve upon it?

Pinarello F12 - Close up details

The Dogma F - No More Numbers

2021 saw the birth of the Dogma F. Abandoning the numerical Dogma system, the new Dogma F capitalized on the aero advantage and stiffness gains of the F12 and pushed the envelope even further. Aerodynamics have been improved by dropping the seat stays on the Dogma F and the genius' at Pinarello have shaved a whopping 265 grams (that's over half a pound in American speak) off the Dogma F12, giving the Dogma F a noticeable stiffness-to-weight ratio advantage. Add these together, and you end up with a bike that is faster to get up to speed and even easier to maintain it when you're rolling.

Pinarello Dogma F

Pinarello Dogma F Details

As a cherry on the top of the cake, the Dogma F is more comfortable than the F12 due to a reworked seat tube and rear triangle, which simply makes your day of chasing PRs that much more enjoyable. The Dogma F represents the epitome of the complete race bike. The fact that Pinarello has an untouched 16 Tour de France wins, many of which have been achieved on the evolved Dogma platform, makes it the clear choice for those that want the single best-pedigreed race bike in the world.

Pinarello Dogma F Down tube

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