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Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F

Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F

The Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F

Years of development, countless races and feedback from the world's best riders came together to inform the creation of the Pinarello Dogma F, the latest and greatest road bike from this revered Italian brand. Read more

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Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F
Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F
Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F
Semi-Custom Pinarello Dogma F


Ridden at the upper echelons of the sport by teams like Enos Grenadiers, the Dogma F has repeatedly proven itself worthy of inheriting the mantle as Pinarello's top-shelf road bike.

But you don't need to be a pro to experience and benefit from the Dogma F's impeccable performance. From solo efforts off the front to serious climbs and Sunday group rides, the Pinarello Dogma F will have you grinning in awe and wanting to ride a whole lot more.

The F is crafted from T1100 1k carbon, a premium offering from top composite manufacturer Torayco. Evolved from the F12, the Dogma F features Pinarello’s asymmetric engineering to counteract the forces of the drivetrain and even out power distribution. Once you’ve got it up to speed, its flat back tubing profile enables superior aerodynamics without compromising weight or crosswind stability, so you can keep that speed going, even when you’re being buffeted around. The fully internalized TiCR cable routing further enhances aerodynamics and complements the F’s unique modern look.

While the Pinarello Dogma F bike is unquestionably fast, it’s also surprisingly smooth. With added comfort over previous generations, it enables riders to stay composed on long rides and keep more energy in the tank for the final finish line or city limit sprint. 

All in all, the Dogma F is an impressively versatile road bike. Whether going for a hill top finish, barreling down a corkscrew descent, lining up for a time trial, or mixing it up in a crit, the Dogma shows no weakness. Add in that it’s available in eleven different sizes, and you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect fit. 


Ordering Process

  • T1100 1k carbon
  • TiCR internal cable routing
  • Flatback truncated aero tube shaping
  • Onda fork
  • Available in eleven sizes
  • Rim or disc brake options

Whether you’re already set on a certain make and model of frame, or still have some questions about how to go about your build, drop us a line and we can talk through your options. From the first detail to the final finish, we'll help you dial in the perfect set up for your next dream bike.

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Pinarello Dogma F seatstays
Pinarello Dogma F fork