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Partington R Series Wheelset

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The Partington R Series Wheelset

A new frontier of premium road cycling wheels, with hitherto unseen levels of performance and technologies. Read More


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Handcrafted in Geelong, Australia, Partington's R-Series wheels have been engineered to set an entirely new standard for performance bike wheelsets.

Picking up a pair of the R-Series and looking at them up close is enough to earn them a wow factor, but getting them on your bike is what will blow your mind. It only takes a few pedal strokes to be struck by how quickly the R-Series spin up. Their responsiveness is uncanny in the most delightful way. We love that instant gratification, but the more you ride them the more there is to love.

So how do Partington achieve such an incredible ride experience? First and foremost, the R-Series are light. Incredibly light. Hitting 1200g right on the mark, they’re about as light of a non-tubular aero wheel we’ve ever seen. Given their tubeless clincher nature and disc-brake only hubs, that’s quite an impressive feat.

What further sets the R-Series wheels apart from other wheel sets is Partington’s revolutionary spoke and hub design. Rather than connecting from rim to hub on either end, Partingon spokes go rim to rim, utilizing a unique U-shaped design, cradling around the hub. This eliminates the common pressure (and therefore failure points) of traditional wheels with a uniform tension throughout the entire length of the spoke, and allows the use of unidirectional carbon as opposed to common steel or alloy. Not only is this system lighter and stiffer, it allows for a deeper level of tunability to the wheel system as a whole.

The hub, beautifully crafted from aluminum, features channels for each spoke to wrap around, eschewing the traditional flange. This gives a massive amount of surface area for the spokes and hubs to interface, while reducing the overall mass and surface area. This all results in better acceleration, lighter weight, and improved aerodynamics. The hubs are loaded with ceramic bearings, further ensuring a sensationally smooth ride. 

Despite their understated appearance, the rims are equally feature rich. Utilizing an aerospace foam center the carbon rims are impressively strong, especially given their ludicrously low weight. Both the front and rear rims are individually engineered with their own optimized aerodynamic profiles, making the R-Series fast in a straight line, yet impressively stable when the crosswinds come at you. While hookless is all the rage these days, Partington have built the R-Series rims with a more traditional hooked bead. While they’re tubeless ready, they wanted to ensure riders could still enjoy their favorite lightweight open tubular tires, should they choose. Even with those hooks, the internal channel is an impressive 21mm wide.

All that performance and technology come together in a truly sensational wheel. From the steepest climbs, to the fastest descents, to the most all out sprints, there’s no scenario the Partington R-Series wheels will leave you wanting more.


  • Weight (F/R) 550g / 650g
  • Rim Depth (F/R) 39mm / 44mm
  • External Width (F/R) 26.5mm
  • Internal Width (F/R) 21.0mm
  • Number of Spokes 20
  • Optimal Tyre Width 25 - 28mm
  • Thru Axle (F/R) 100mm x 12mm / 142mm x 12mm

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