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Bike of the Week: A Brawn, Bare, and Beautiful Prova Mostro

Derek Yarra |

Titanium loving dirt riders rejoice. Today we've got one hell of a build in store for you. A remarkable Prova Mostro sporting a bare titanium finished and a killer build ready speed over the dirt no matter how rough it gets. Follow along to check out the details of this hand crafted work of art.

prova mostro baaw

A Mostro in the Nude

If you've ever spent time up close and personal with a Prova, than you know that there's nothing quite like it. If you've been lucky enough to throw a leg over one, then you really know that to be even more true. Without any paint, this Mostro really lets the details of Prova's handiwork shine. While may builders share similar traits—a machined head tube, curved stays, or 3D printed dropouts—those found are a Prova are uniquely set apart from the rest. With clearance for massive tires, internal routing, and disc/thru-axle accommodations, all built to stand up to the harshest rigors, the Mostro gravel platform really shows off what Mark can do.

prova frame details

Zipped Up in Leather

The cockpit on this machine is comprised of a rather unique pairing. The hard goods come from Zipp's most premium full carbon SL-70 line. Modern, light, and tip top performance, they're a common choice on our contemporary builds. Balancing that out with some old school class, a honey toned Brooks saddle and  matching bar wrap bring a unique touch of elegance to the package.

prova zipp brooks cockpit

The Copper Mullet

Shifting is all held down by a wireless Sram system. Red AXS shifters, brakes and cranks and paired with an XX1 derailleur and copper chain and cassette. Big range for big adventures, this drivetrain really is hard to beat.

prova sram mullet drivetrain

Full Speed Firecrest

For wheels, we set this bike up with a pair of Zipp 303 Firecrests. These latest generation 303s are impressively light, and more importantly roll super smooth for a set of aero wheels. It doesn't hurt that they match nicely with the Zipp cockpit. While frame can easily fit some pretty large tires, we initially set these Zipps up with a pair of Réne Herse Setilacoom  700x38c tires for a bit more versatility on the road or smoother paths. We did however go with the Endurance casing for extra peace of mind. It doesn't hurt that the darker tan wall sits nicely with the tones of Brooks pieces. 

prova zipp wheels

If we do say so ourselves, the resulting build came out to be a truly special machine. A clean and mean all-terrain machine that's built for abuse. We're eagerly awaiting to see this thing caked in its first coatings of trail dust.

Hungry for a sweet ride like this of your own? Drop us a line. Building custom bikes perfectly spec'd to meet any riders needs is our specialty and we'd love to lend our experience to your next ride. To see even more photos of this rig, head to the gallery page here. And to learn more about the full range of Prova bicycles, head to the collection page here.

prova bike at the bay

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