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So far it’s a solo ride.

Prova Cycles

Steel and titanium, both materials we've been familiar with for quite some time, but Mark Hester, the builder behind Prova, has found a new approach to building two-wheeled machines. 


With an extensive background in automotive engineering in his back pocket, Mark felt drawn towards his major passion for cycling and found frame production to be the perfect marriage of his skillset and interests. Initially producing frames in both steel and titanium, Mark has chosen to now focus on titanium (with some carbon blended in). We at Above Category think his work is as close to flawless as one can get in the world of custom titanium frame production. He designs, builds and finishes his bikes in a small workshop in Melbourne with the help of a small team and has his paint done at the best paint shop in Australia.

Each and every Prova is a custom project, made to order and built to meet the needs of every unique client. At Above Category, we're proud to be the sole partner offering Prova to North America. Give us a call to get your project started today.