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So far it’s a solo ride.

English Cycles

It’s fair to say that nobody does ‘custom’ quite like Rob English of English Cycles. A master in his field, Rob is to steel what Michelangelo was to marble. From the road to the trail via esoteric time trial machines and even the odd cargo bike, Rob’s reach is far, wide and always on point. 


Of course, with all that English in his name, you won’t be surprised to learn that this softly-spoken gent hails from the UK, although he lives and works amidst the fields just outside Eugene, Oregon. How he got there is a story in itself. From studying engineering at Cambridge to leaving the UK with his trusty Stumpjumper in hand to work for Bike Friday in the US, to winning races in his spare time before founding his own brand in 2009, Rob has covered a lot of ground.


For the rider seeking a fully custom steel bicycle from a domestic US maker, Rob’s NAHBS-winning creations are hard to beat. As as we said in our interview with Rob celebrating his partnership with Above Category, his ability to transmute needs and emotion into feel and function is beyond measure.

If you’d like to start an English journey of your own, please drop us a line.