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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bjōrn Cycles

If you haven't heard, Slovenia is a cycling super hub. Primož Roglič, Tadej Pogacar, Bjōrn (no, not the guy from Abba) - the list of top-tier talent to come out of this verdant and mountainous Central European country grows by the year.

Component brand Bjōrn came to our attention almost as soon as friends and founders Artem and Ivan opened their doors in 2016. Bjōrn's product line blends hyper-modern 3D-printed tech with unique aesthetics and old-school sensibilities - a heady mix of timeless charm and innovation. There's carbon fibre, naturally, and cork. Surprised? Don't be. Cork is classic cutting edge - witness its many applications, from shoes to furniture and even aerospace industries, where its ablative properties help keep astronauts cool.


In Bjorn's words: "Our products are not only functionally exceptional but also visually stunning because we believe that engineering perfection defines beauty." We can certainly attest to that. We've had Bjōrn components on high-rotation here at AC. Our team love their looks, the creative engineering behind them, and their unwavering focus on performance.