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Bjōrn Setka 3D-Printed Saddle

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The Bjōrn Setka 3D-Printed Saddle

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Bjōrn’s Setka is the lightest bike saddle on the market with a 3D-printed pad. As a technology, 3D printing allows the creation of parts with exceptional mechanical properties, resolution, and finish, a fact borne out by Setka’s gorgeous looks - a saddle so lovely you’ll want to admire it while riding. But unless you buy one for a friend and constantly tell them to get out of the saddle, you’ll have to wait until the cafe or home time to see its svelte shape once more.

Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy its comfort. Bjōrn designed the Setka to eliminate pressure points during long rides, ensuring top-tier performance in any riding conditions. The front part of the Setka’s pad is softer, providing relief for soft tissues when you’re on the drops, while the rear section is stiffer, ensuring support when riding uphill.

Like the Slovenian brand’s cork-topped Probka saddle, the Setka features a carbon fibre underside in a triangular reinforcement pattern. Rails are not bonded - a perennial weak point for all-in-one designs - but inserted into reinforced slots. Compared to adhesive bonding, this design confers greater reliability without a significant weight penalty.



  • The lightest bike saddle on the market that features a 3D-printed pad
  • Carbon fibre underside, with inserted rather than bonded rails for immense reliability 
  • Highly comfortable and supportive 
  • Made in Slovenia 
  • Weight: 131 grams
  • Length: 250 mm
  • Rail to saddle top: 30 to 35 mm depending on the position against seatpost
  • Max. permissible total weight (rider + saddle bag): 120 kg
  • Rails: Carbon 7 x 9 mm
  • Shell: Carbon
  • Pad: 3D printed

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