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A Bespoke Approach

A Bespoke Approach

Every bike is different, and no rider has the same routine. At Above Category, we believe in delivering a truly personal experience tailored to how and where you ride, and your goals for the season ahead.

Here for the Whole Ride

Our holistic servicing philosophy keeps you ahead of the curve, with proactive maintenance and support to prevent issues before they arise.

If you’re new to Above Category, we’ll schedule an initial consultation at our studio in Sausalito to get to know you and your bike better. During your visit, we'll learn about your bike's history, issues and any other information that can help us establish a service baseline.

Here for the Whole Ride

The Ac Service Team

Robert Gee

Robert Gee

Service Manager

Robert Gee, our head mechanic, got his start in Sacramento, apprenticing at a shop with his uncle, a pro mechanic for a laundry list of top-flight bike teams that included Saturn, BMC, US Postal and the US national squad. "I like puzzles," Robert says when asked about what drew him to working on bikes. "It's about finding the most efficient way to achieve a goal and keep a rider safe." But above all, he likes the mindset that comes with being a mechanic. "When I'm deep into a service or upgrade, it feels like meditation," he explains. "It's an endless journey."

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Start your dream bike journey by getting to know our builders.

The Custom Experience

Find out why we’re the perfect partner to create your next custom bike build.

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