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So far it’s a solo ride.


Q36.5 are that rare thing: a cycling clothing brand with real substance. Based in the Italian Dolomites, where they also make every single one of their products, Q36.5 are led by famed Assos designer Luigi Bergamo, the man behind some of the most iconic roadwear of the modern era.

With a stated goal to make the finest bike apparel in the world, Q36.5 collaborate with elite Italian textile partners to develop advanced, often proprietary fabrics, from which they tailor a range of beautifully cut road and gravel pieces designed for optimal thermoregulation. In other words, comfort in all conditions. 

Expect lighter, more durable garments realized by Q36.5’s no-holds-barred approach to quality and performance. Fabrics that demonstrate a superior ability to regulate your temperature throughout your ride. And ergonomic, articulated fits optimized for the on-bike position.