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René Herse Tires

Before there was bikepacking, before there was gravel, there was randonneuring. And through it all, René Herse was there, marking his brevet card with innovative (and often hyper-light) bikes and components for the burgeoning cyclo touring set in his native France and beyond. This fabulous marque stayed active until the 1980s, until Rene's daughter Lyli Herse (a superb racer and multiple French champion) and her husband Jean Desbois, who operated the business in later years, retired.

Today, René Herse is back at the heart of the all-road scene where it belongs, thanks to the efforts of Seattle-based cyclist and engineer Jan Heine, who inherited the blueprints and secrets for the company's exceptional products directly from Lyli and Jean. And he hasn't rested on Rene's laurels. Over the course of several years, Jan has pushed on, launching era-correct recreations and wholly new products that the "Magician of Levallois" himself would surely approve. 

René Herse tires are one such new area of focus. In the 1990s, Jan and his fellow touring cyclists discovered the joys of gravel riding while exploring the Cascade Mountains. When Jan realized that narrow racing tires were reaching their limits on rough surfaces, he began to wonder if it would be possible to create a wide and supple high-performance tire that could float over the gravel rather than grind through it.

Thanks to Jan's dedication and decades of innovation, today, René Herse tires are recognised as the royalty of rubber. Whether you're leaving the road for the first time or setting off for a continent-crossing off-road epic, the René Herse range of tires spans the entire field of gravel riding. And at Above Category, we're here to help you find the perfect tire for your ride. If you have a question about the range, compatibility or any other topic, don't hesitate to drop us a line.