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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: A Pair of Ti Provas Part 2 - A Purple Fade Rim Brake Racer

Derek Yarra |

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the second installment on this incredible pair of titanium Prova Speciale builds. Last week we showcased the green disc build which means it's time to feature it's anodized rim brake counterpart.

prova speciale titanium rim brake profile

While there are many details the bikes share in common, they're still both very much their own beasts. Both are constructed from the same materials and practices, but rather than paint, this bike was treated to an anodized purple fade from the team at 9 Volt Color, which flows into a matte brushed raw finish on the rear end. Clearly, the braking systems are another major difference. Regardless of your preferences, it's hard to deny that Prova's dropouts for rim brake bikes are truly spectacular. 

prova speciale titanium rim brake frame details

Once again, we see a Black Inc one piece cockpit at the front end. With it's bare carbon showing through, it's still adorned with painted Prova graphics that perfectly match the anodizing on the frame. Moving to the other end, a Fizik Arone Vs. Evo saddle tops the 3D printed Prova seat topper. 

prova speciale titanium rim brake

Aside from the braking, the drivetrain is largely the same as the green build. Campagnolo Super Record EPS through and through. 52/36 rings on 172.5 cranks are matched to an 11-32t cassette for pushing up slopes of the Colorado Front Range. Of course, this bike too gets the Ceramicspeed treatment in the pulley wheels and bottom bracket. 

prova speciale titanium rim brake drivetrain

The wheels of choice are none other than Bora WTOs, keeping the Camapagnolo package complete. The 45mm depth is the perfect choice for Boulder's varied terrain. Tubeless Vittoria Corsa Control tires in a 28c width keep things adhered to pavement.

prova speciale titanium rim brake bora WTO wheels

It's the small details that really push this bike over the edge into something extra. How about the custom titanium Prova headset spacer? Or the matching titanium Silca bottle cages? It's attention to the little things that can really make a build something special.

prova speciale titanium rim brake small details

Such a stellar complete creation, it's hard to imagine an any more perfect build. Top to bottom, front to back, this build is a shining specimen of what a modern, high performance road bike can be.

prova speciale titanium rim brake back angle

We've loved all the steel Speciale builds we've done over the past few years, but we're thrilled to finally see Prova's unmatched craftsmanship and style paired with the sublime ride of quality titanium. There's nothing we love more than working with athletes to build out their dream custom bicycles. If you've got the itch to start a quest on a Prova of your own, we're just a quick email our call away!

prova speciale titanium rim brake

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