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So far it’s a solo ride.

Prova Cycles: Now Available at Above Category

Derek Yarra |

Here at Above Category, we're a selective bunch. From the bikes we ride, to the apparel we wear, to the roads and trails we traverse

we're on a continued journey seeking the best and most unique the cycling world has to offer, testing it all exhaustingly before we deem it proven to offer to our clientele.

But it's not all about the performance or craftsmanship of the product. Above all else, we're a brand built on cultivating relationships. Just as much as we enjoy a new product, we have to like the people we work with, too. With that ethos in mind, it's never taken lightly when we choose to work with a new frame builder. Today, however, is a day that we officially announce our latest partnership. Above Category is now the official North American agent for Prova Cycles out of Melbourne, Australia, and we're privileged to be bringing in a very limited run of these impeccable machines.

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Prova Cycles is a one man operation; a man named Mark Hester. Drawing from his extensive background as an engineer in the automotive industry, and pairing it with his diverse background as a multidisciplinary cyclist, Mark is building stunning custom 

steel and titanium bicycles, while being some of the most high-tech we've ever seen. Might we add, they're of the best feeling bikes to ride as well. While a brief look at his resume should quickly prove he knows a thing or two about design, following him down twisty mountain roads (or steep and rowdy single track segments) will quickly reveal he's got the chops on the bike to back it up.

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From engineering 3D printed components, to hand laying custom butted carbon fiber seatmasts, to tig welding or silver brazing the metal tubes; all aspects of each Prova frame are performed to painstaking standards of perfection. Executing that perfection as a sole builder takes time, and at the moment Mark is only building 35 Provas a year. Clearly, these bikes are rare, but of those 35 bikes, Above Category is lucky to ofter a small number of those annual build spots to the USA.

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