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Bike of the Week: A Full Tilt Pinarello Grevil +

Derek Yarra |

Nothing gets us more excited than working with a client to design and build their ultimate dream bicycle. So when we get to build a new bike for the boss, you know it's going to be done right.

Chad is a bit of an unlikely candidate for a brand new gravel rig. Usually, for his personal bikes, he's a firm believer that 28s are all you need, and tends to be the purest devotee to the #savetherimbrake mantra. But with events like Rebecca's Private Idaho on the calendar, it was time to get something a bit more up for the task. Today we share a Pinarello Grevil+ for the captain of AC.

grevil profile

The Grevil+ Frameset

The Grevil is easily one of the most unique looking gravel bikes out there. Its aggressive styling might not be for everyone, but we've been riding them for the past year and have been thoroughly impressed with how they ride out on the trail (and road). This is the + model, which is born of a higher grade carbon and shaves a few hundred grams over the standard model.

pinarello grevil + frame details

Deda Gives the Grip

The cockpit is sourced from Deda. A Zero100 stem is mounted up to a Gravel 100 handlebar, which has an incredibly comfortable shape—a compact bend with just the right amount of flare. For now, it only comes in alloy but we'd love to see a lighter, more compliant carbon version. Wrapping it all up is Deda logo tape for that pro team look.

deda gravel cockpit

A Fizik from the Future

Like its Dogma siblings, the Grevil+ has its own proprietary seat post. Curved for off road compliance, and graphics to tie it into the rest of the bike. It just so happens to be a near perfect match with the brand new Fizik Adaptive saddle.

fizik adaptive saddle

The Rainbow 1x

Shimano or Sram? The age old question, and in the case of this Grevil, Chad went Sram. In particular, a streamlined 1x Red/XX1 AXS mix. A Quarq power meter crank paired with the 10-50t cassette ensure he can follow coach's orders, even on our steepest Marin county gravel ascents. Of course, it wouldn't be a Chad worthy bike without some extra trick upgrades. A Ceramicspeed OSPW system for the rear mech keep things spinning fast and smooth.

drive train red axs mullet

To 650b, or 700c, that is the question

Option paralysis is something that plagues most of us when building up a new bike. There was no question that Enve G series would be Chad's wheels of choice, the struggle was between 700c or 650b. Luckily we've got our range of Enve demo wheels on hand, to test either one back to back before committing to one. In a similar predicament? Come test our Enve wheels and experience them for yourself!  We've wrapped the 700c G23s in a set of WTB Resolute 42s, which have become a favorite amongst many of us here. 

enve g23 wheels chads grevil+ pinarello

Roll Fast, Turn Faster

We showed you the rear derailleur hop-up kit, but the details don't end there. Obviously, the cranks get the Ceramicspeed treatment, but we took things one step further and outfitted the headset as well. Unnecessary? Some might say so, but the stock bearings sure don't have a 4 year warranty.  Oh yeah, we also capped things off with the EE top cap and compression plug. It looks great and is an easy way to shave ~25g. 

ceramic speed pinarello grevil plus

pinarello grevil plus bike rear angle

Anything you'd do differently if you were to build a Grevil of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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