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BOTW: Yellow Not Mellow - An Ohlins-Inspired Mosaic MT-1 Hardtail

Chad Nordwall |

As hardtail mountain bikes go, this Mosaic-meets-Ohlins build may well rank at the more insane end of the stoke spectrum. But, as ridiculously kitted out as this bike is, it’s still a fundamentally practical trail bike. In other words, we chose components that could take a beating and keep on ticking, no matter how shiny or special their origin.

The build begins with a Mosaic MT-1 hardtail frame, lovingly designed and hand-crafted in Colorado from custom T3A/2.5V double-butted titanium tubing. Noteworthy additions include a Chris King headset and an Ohlins Factory Racing suspension fork, the yellow pop of which flows across the entire frame in tribute to the fork’s limited edition nature. Only a handful of Ohlins Factory Racing forks came to the States, and we’ve snagged the majority of them to use on a series of ten Ohlins-influenced builds. Hence, all the yellow.

The bike’s transmission comes via SRAM’s new MTB group, complete with the universal rear mount. However, that and the cassette are the only ‘stock’ parts of the running gear. The rest shoots for the alpine. Think eeWings full titanium cranks and an SRM power unit, mated to Shimano XTR pedals upgraded with titanium spindles. And because this wouldn’t be an AC BOTW without mention of our Danish friends at Ceramicspeed, we specced an OSPW X for SRAM Eagle AXS to keep the chain singing.

Sitting pretty under the Fizik Argo saddle is a dirt de rigueur Rock Shox wireless dropper post. The Rock Shox dropper is a little heavier than other non-wireless options, but we didn’t want cables. So, we decided that a hit of a few grams was an acceptable compromise.

Up front, Bjorn carbon handlebars provide precise control, mated to the steerer with an Intend steam and Intend seat post clamp by the Black Forest metal meisters. Staying in Europe, Zirbel of Switzerland delivered the goods for the bike’s (wireless) shifters—teeny little controls that keep the cockpit so clean but totally practical. There’s still a bit of cable routing as the shifters require a junction box, but it’s all hidden away. Magura’s flawless MT-8 brakes complete the cockpit.

The bike meets the dirt on Duke rims (note the custom decals) paired with Extralite’s sturdiest MTB hub, the Hyperboost 3. A raft of titanium bolts throughout and Arundel bottle cages complete this very yellow but not mellow mountain bike build.


Companies like Ohlins are the reason why we do what we do. They inspire us. I could sit and stare at the Ohlins-equipped Ducati we’ve got in the shop all day - the yellow shock spring, the gold gas reservoirs, the little knobs. This stuff is jewelry to me. The fact that the Swedish brand’s attention to detail flows to the trail and our neck of the woods is, for me, spectacular. The machining, the innovation and the sheer proficiency they bring to every touchpoint blows my mind.

Since they started making mountain bike forks, Ohlins have been iterating and iterating, bringing the full weight of their motorbike expertise to bear to craft exceptional MTB forks.

When Ohlins introduced the all-yellow Factory forks - the top-of-the-line model in the range—we knew we had to build a series of bikes to celebrate everything we love about the brand. So there we have it: a series of ten hardtail mountain bike builds, all yellow, all Ohlins.

You’re welcome.

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