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So far it’s a solo ride.

Tyrolean Spring

Anthony Little |

We've been in Italy for the past week on a whirlwind tour, in no particular order, of:

-The Strade Bianche and its accompanying Gran Fondo with Castelli
-Lucca with friends from Pas Normal Studios and InGamba
-Verona with a brief layover to talk shop with Dario Pegoretti
-Bolzano's environs with Q36.5

And soon, just a hair bit more as we reach our final stop - Venice. But first, we'd like to focus on the last stopover, the one with Q36.5 apparel, where we spent two days discovering Bolzano, finding out about new pieces coming our way from the skunkworks at the foot of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, and riding in some seriously early Spring conditions high into the snow. Luigi Bergamo, the man behind the mask, is a real person, and yes, he's strong. And really, really smart. We'll let the photos do the talking, where we climbed 3000ft over about 15 miles, a 1.5 hour loop straight from the front door of Q36.5. To say the views, climbing, and company were nothing short of stunning is an understatement.