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So far it’s a solo ride.

The New Year

Anthony Little |

No, it's not January 1st, but it is the start to a new year for a lot of cyclists or at least the ones living off the snow belt. This was my first week of real training for next season hence the New Year. And of course with this being our New Year we also received our first new weather in the form of rain and colder temps. Personally I love this time of year, it's been getting a tad boring wearing shorts and short sleeves for the past six months you know? Reminds me of starting training in Seattle except here it's about 20 degrees warmer... Anyhow, I'm pretty psyched to start training for real again after a few years away from any type of structure. We have only three years (two for some) of time left with our Jr. Team and I'm looking forward to doing some quality racing with them while I still can. So, stay tuned for reports on that training and racing and of course all the new bikes and wheels and other random parts we'll be testing/thrashing. Until then, enjoy the New Year...

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