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So far it’s a solo ride.

Sneak peak at the new AC Service Center...

Anthony Little |

Here is our excuse for the major lack of blog updates the last month. Looking back we are pretty psyched how fast we got our new Service Center built up. So, if you are local come on in and see what Ralf and Kris are working on and ask what we can do for you. If you are not local, sorry, but enjoy the pics anyhow!

The day before this was where Criag Upton did fits, the next day Peter had the benches built and installed.

Little lacking, right?

More benches looking out the front window. Finally, after a long while we have a view again!

Then Max came with his crew and put down our colors...

Exciting painting footage. Super nice work though Max

Concrete delivered yesterday from Mike and now we are mostly up and running. This is where the bikes get built, upgraded, cleaned and maintained at Above Category. Come on in for a closer look! Thanks for looking...
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