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Products We Love: The Cyclist’s Holiday Gift Guide

Derek Yarra |

It goes without saying that 2020 has been one hell of a strange year for everyone, and if you're anything like us, you've found yourself scratching your head wondering how we've already arrived here at the holiday season. We know many of you have succumbed to retail therapy  as a means to get through days spent at home, but have you even began to check off the presents on your list? Fear not, we're here to make your search for the perfect gift for that special cyclist in your life easy work. From big to small, we've outlined a few of our favorite products, big and small, that keep us happy while out on the bike. 

AC Wool Socks

Nothing says winter like a perfect pair of wool socks. Our Sterrato socks were meticulously designed to deliver on performance in the cooler seasons but have proven to work just great year round. Added warmth without sacrificing on comfort or moisture wicking, and thin enough to not throw off your shoe fit. Available in Fiordo blue and Verde green, stock up on a few pairs of each!

AC sterrato socks

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AC Chamois Cream

Do you chamois cream? Sure, cycling is a sport that glorifies toughing it out, but we're all about making things more comfortable where we can. Fully organic, locally made, and a formula we've been refining for years. Keep your skin happy, eliminate saddle sores, and stay comfy on long rides.

Cycling Skincare

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We've said it once and we'll say it again. We LOVE Dynaplugs. While there are numerous reasons to ride tubeless tires, quick and easy flat fixes are hight on the list. Dynaplugs make that possible. We've got two custom AC styles, the streamlined Racer that keeps two plugs loaded at the ready, or the Micro Pro Pill that keeps an array of spare and other tools bundled in with it.

dynaplug in the wild

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When it comes to top notch bike accessories, Silca really does it right. They made waves a few years back with their absolutely stunning Super Pista Ultimate floor pump, and have been expanding on their line up ever since. 

A few of our favorite bits of on the bike kit include the Tredici multi tool (complete with stowage for spare chain links,) the Eolo CO2 inflation kit, and Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump. And for use back in your workshop, the aforementioned Super Pista pump and the HX-One tool kit are always welcome essentials. 

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VéloColour Saddle Bag

While all of those nick nacks could be stuffed into a jersey pocket, there's surely a better way to bring them on the ride. Saddle bags have always been a tough one for us. Noting ruins the silhouette of a meticulously thought out build like a clunky sack dangling under the saddle. The market is flooded with obnoxious and unsightly bags, but the VéloColour Rocket Pocket exudes a level of elegance unlike anything else. They don't rattle, they look stealth, and they're full of thoughtful organization details. Did we mention they're dropper post friendly?

velocolour rocket pocket 

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Is this a year to give something really special? How about a new bike? They say that experience are more fulfilling than possessions, but as any cyclist will tell you, the process of building a fully personalized, custom bike is an experience unlike anything else. What even better? The thrill, exhilaration, and joy every single time that new bike rolls our for a ride. While the custom bicycle process can sometimes be a long and tedious one, we make it easy and we're just a phone call or email away.

custom bikes

On top of that, we've got a selection of premium machines in our showroom that are built up and ready to ride. You'd be hard pressed to find rides of this caliber anywhere else.

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Gift Card

Some people call this a cop out, but what could be better than the gift of choice? No need to worry if the jersey you were eying will coordinate with their bike or if the tires you'd heard us rave about will have enough clearance. A gift card to AC is the perfect way to ensure you beloved cyclist will end up with exactly what they need!

gift cards Shop Gift Cards

Hopefully that helps put some ideas on list. Surely there's nothing here your riding friends wouldn't love to own! If you still struggling for some ideas, always feel free to give us a call. From all of us here at AC, happy holidays!

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