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Above Category Chamois Cream

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The Above Category Chamois Cream

A soothing chamois cream to protect your most sensitive areas, made from natural, organic and 100% vegan ingredients. Read More

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For all of its beauty, cycling is a sport that glorifies pushing through agony and peril—sprinting over chip-sealed roads, laying down efforts over pummeling pavé, all-day excursions over gnarly backcountry trails, all in kit thoroughly saturated in sweat. These are tales we live to tell about. But beyond the air in our tires, there isn't much that separates the rigors of the road from our wafer-thin, carbon-railed saddles. We go to great lengths to ensure our bikes and equipment are up to the task, but we often overlook the simple things to keep our skin prepared. So to reset the balance, we created an organic, entirely vegan chamois cream to calm and protect your most sensitive areas.

Smooth, clean, and long-lasting, it's the product of over five years of rigorous testing and countless epic rides. This cream has been developed to complement your unique riding style and make the experience that much more enjoyable. Whether it's an all-day off-road adventure, a quick Sunday spin, or the local fast group ride, this chamois cream will keep you feeling fresh and at peace with your saddle for the entirety of your ride.

Our chamois cream is organic, vegan, toxin-free and made locally in the Bay Area from the finest natural ingredients available. It's even free of menthol and other tingly ingredients, making it suitable for use by both girls and boys.


  • Ingredients: RO filtered water. Oils: almond, apricot, avocado castor, jojoba, coconut, kukui, tamanu, mango butter, steric acid, olive (from olive skins) and red radish root to preserve.
  • Apply a small amount directly to clean, dry skin prior to riding. The skin that contacts your saddle (and chamois) most. Yes, that skin.
  • Ships in a four-ounce glass jar
  • Handmade right here in the Bay Area 
  • Organic, vegan, and toxin free
  • Assists the body to reduce fungal and bacterial growth
  • Free of alcohols, animal products, animal testing, artificial fragrances, gluten products, parabens, petrochemicals, soy products, sulfates, synthetics and toxins.

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