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Above Category Body Lotion

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The Above Category Body Lotion

An unscented body lotion made from natural, organic and 100% vegan ingredients. Designed for pre-ride prep and post-ride recovery. Read More

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Day in and day out, we spend hours pushing through blazing sun, blistering wind, and grating mud. Mother nature seldom holds back on what she throws our way, and we cyclists are all too keen to face it head-on. You wouldn't expect your drivetrain to keep turning when left uncared for after a hard day in the elements (we know you've got six different chain lubes in your toolbox for just the right occasion), so why would you expect anything different from your skin?

Silky smooth and refreshingly restorative, the Above Category Body Lotion will transform your experience on and off the bike. Lather it on in the morning, after washing up from a ride, or whenever your skin feels dry. Designed to keep your skin moisturized and nourished, it's even useful as a thin protective layer on days when the conditions are sub-optimal, but you aren't willing to let that hold you back.

Handmade locally in the Bay Area from the finest natural ingredients available, our Body Lotion is organic, vegan, and incredibly soothing. Apply to exposed and challenged areas around your body.


  • Ingredients: RO filtered water, rosewater. Oils: apricot, kukui, meadow foam, borage, jojoba, avocado, sunflower seed, sweet almond, floral antioxidant blend, and red radish to preserve.
  • Ships in a recyclable eight-ounce plastic pump bottle
  • Handmade right here in the Bay Area 
  • Organic, vegan, and toxin free
  • Unscented
  • Free of alcohols, animal products, animal testing, artificial fragrances, gluten products, parabens, petrochemicals, soy products, sulfates, synthetics and toxins.

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