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So far it’s a solo ride.

Photo Essay Of The First Moots RSL

Anthony Little |

Yes, it finally happened. The first-ever Moots RSL made for a customer and shipped to a shop was finished, boxed up and shipped to us here at AC.

We received it on Tuesday February 23rd and our simple first impressions are: It's incredibly light, it's super elegant, it's just like every other Moots we've ever sold, but better. More details as we assemble the bike and deliver it to the customer over the next few weeks (yes weeks...we're having a number of components custom painted and they are not finished just yet.)

For now here's a photo essay on the final steps of building and boxing our RSL compliments of our friends at Moots.

In the vice with its toe tag on, getting ready for the final few steps.

Fresh decals

The last and most satisfying step in the build process

The RSL even features a significantly lightened headtube badge.

The team at Moots were kind enough to include a signed poster with the RSL.

Not a bad idea after many hours of hard work giving birth to the RSL.
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