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So far it’s a solo ride.

Parlee Z5 in Candy Apple Red

Anthony Little |

Seems like it has been Parlee month here at Above Category and in keeping with that theme, here is a Z5 that we built in December. This one also has been custom painted by Parlee in Candy Apple Red and unfortunately these pictures (taken by me, not Dean!) don't do it justice.

Straight out of the box and on to the counter. Very simple and very elegant.

Outside in the sunlight...

This is what most of the other makes of bikes would look like if they took off the cosmetic layers of carbon (or molded shapes) around the bottom bracket. Bob Parlee only puts on what is absolutely necessary for top performance and nothing else.

The bike was built with full Shimano Dura-Ace including the wheels and pedals. Fizik Aliante saddle and bar tape, Deda Zero 110 stem and bars and King Ti cages. Don't really remember the final weight on this bike but it was down there...

The other side...

Here's that BB area again, all built up. Parlee also has some great Shimano to BB30 adaptor cups made for them...

Sweet alloy Dura-Ace crankset. Also, you can see the Parlee carbon front derailleur clamp. Works extremely well and lessens the chance of over tightening the front derailleur bolt and damaging the seat tube.

Just like the Parlee Z1; twin seat stays. A bit more classy looking than a monostay (in our opinion at least) and supposedly offers a little smoother ride.

The front end

And out back. A 11X28 cassette matched to the compact crank pretty much ensures that there is not a mountain too high...

Thanks for reading, please contact us for any questions on any of these bikes!

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