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So far it’s a solo ride.

Parlee Z3 dressed in blue

Anthony Little |

Just got this beautiful custom Parlee Z3 in from the guys in Mass. It looked amazing in the shop when we first took it out of the box, but then it just exploded when we took it out into the sunlight! Dean Bentley replicated that look in his studio for everyone to enjoy here...

This is my favorite shot. Check out the fork, subtle and OMG bright at the same time. The blue tint finish looks great on the uni and multi directional finish. Also, check out the slight sparkle finish in the panel. You can get the tint in a lot of different colors including the blue you see here, red, gold, green and many more...


Just one of the many things we love about Parlee. So many different options with geometry, finish, ride tuning etc... The bikes are strong, extremely light, handle as well as anything we've ever ridden and have a classic look that will look good for as long as you own the bike, which if taken care of properly should be forever...

Let us know how we can help you get on the perfect bike from Parlee! At Above Category we stock the full range of Parlee Z5's in the shop as well as the Z1, Z3, Z4, Time Trial/Triathlon bike and soon, the track bike and the Parlee Cross bike. Contact us at anytime with any questions on any of the Parlee bikes or to schedule a time to see them in person. Of course feel free to walk in during our business hours as well! Thanks for reading!
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