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No Stock Specs: Introducing AC S-Works

Ben Jones |

At Above Category, we build bicycles with the rider’s aspirations in mind, backed by decades of experience and guided by our singular approach to quality, aesthetics and performance. We don’t rely on stock specs. Every AC bike has an optimal fit and the perfect balance between looks that pop, panache and performance. With the arrival of S-Works at AC, we’re bringing that same philosophy to Specialized’s top-tier frame program. The story starts with the S-Works Aethos.

For fans of fast, our methodology for the S-Works Aethos takes inspiration from the race car culture of yesteryear. Back in the day, Martini Racing would take stock Porsches, Alfa Romeos and Lancias and turn them into one-off race cars. Our S-Works Aethos program works the same lane, blending popular appeal with a hot-rod, custom-spec aesthetic to create a dream bike that serves and exceeds our individual customer’s needs. A bike like this calm-before-the-storm Aethos, a perfect example of what happens when you blend a keen eye for a crisp finish, with an AC x Velocolour paint job and a selection of components designed to meet the rider's needs at every turn. 

This is more than taking a stock bike and swapping out a stem or a saddle. Every S-Works bike we build will be unique to its rider and their goals, from selecting parts to optional custom paint and elevated detailing. We’ll take the same hyper-individualized approach with each S-Works frame as with every boutique bicycle frame brand we represent here at AC.

Riders no longer have to choose between an S-Works or an Above Category bike. Now they can have both.

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