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So far it’s a solo ride.

Meet the Mosaic RT-1 ITR - Integrated Thick Road

Ben Jones |

If you've been dreaming about a beautiful custom titanium Mosaic that is not only wicked fast and wicked whippy but will take big ol' fat road tires and still look stealthy, the wait is over. Meet the RT-1 ITR (Integrated Thick Road), the newest frame from the Colorado metal magicians, a model that can trace its inception to the 2020 Enve Builder Round-Up show.

When an AC client caught sight of a very orange Mosaic RT-1 put together for Enve's annual builder bash, he knew he wanted one. But the show RT-1 was unique in that it featured full internal cabling. Of course, there's nothing unusual about internal cabling these days - not if you're one of the big mainstream brands. But craft builders have naturally taken a little longer to match the level of integration on offer from the likes of Pinarello et al. So as you can imagine, in 2020, a custom metal bike with a full internal build stood out like a knobby tire at the Tour de France.

Long story short, we built an integrated RT-1 for our client. There were some bumps and diversions along the way, but the project came together beautifully.

Since then, the integrated options from small-batch makers have come on leaps and bounds. With the likes of No 22 powering forward with integrated stem, headset and fork development, Prova's utilization of Enve componentry, and Bastion doing their in-house development, Mosaic now has welcome company on the integrated path less pedaled.

Thick Road Approaching

In the fall of 2022, another AC customer in the form of Salifu Mohammed started talks to commission a Mosaic RT-1, reaching out for advice from Mosaic's Mark Currie as well as AC's pro gravel racer, Brennan Wertz. But, influenced by his existing gravel-going Mosaic GT-1, Salifu wanted wider tires than the stock RT-1 offered and, importantly, an internal build. Cue conversations between Salifu, Brennan and the Mosaic team that contributed to the eventual development of an entirely new model: the RT-1 Integrated Thick Road.

Salifu's Thick Road

"This is a special bike because it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on a road bike," notes Brennan. "Gone are the days of 23mm tires pumped up to well north of 100PSI. I've already logged some pretty big miles on mine and ridden it in a huge variety of terrain. I raced through the mud and snow at the Huffmaster Hopper, climbed Mauna Kea in Hawaii, and did countless fast road group rides on it. This frame, paired with Rene Herse Bon Jon Pass 35c slick tires, is sublime. It rides so smoothly, has seemingly endless traction, and offers up plenty of opportunities to dart off into the woods."

However, despite the Thick Road's trail-friendly specs, Brennan doesn't necessarily see the bike as a complete quiver killer. "I think it is the perfect setup for someone looking for a bombproof road bike that will also provide ample opportunities to get a bit rowdier than you would on a typical road bike," he says. "I also think this bike is perfect for someone who wants the absolute smoothest bike they can get their hands on. The combination of the supple Mosaic titanium tubes and the pillowy ride of the larger volume tubeless slick tires creates an unparalleled ride."

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