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Wheels. Without them, a bicycle really can't be a bicycle. As essential as they are, not all wheels are created equal. Even when if is no object, finding the perfect wheel is a nuanced process. Reading a spec list and internet reviews can only get you so far. Wouldn't it be great if you could mount up a set of high performance wheels, right onto your own bike, and put them to the test on the roads you already know and love before dropping down the money? The answer is yes, yes it would, which is exactly why we've partnered with Enve to put together our dream wheel demo program.

enve demo

For years, we've been riding Enve wheels and have long lauded their quality and performance, as well as their commitment for developing the best possible wheels in nearly every segment. We've hand selected a range of their offerings that we find to perfectly suit our local terrain, and we want you to mount them up and experience them for yourself.

The SES 2.2

Enve's featherweight rim brake offering, it's the perfect wheel for those who love the ascent. The wide cross section and tubeless compatibility maximize tire volume and ride quality without compromising weight. 

enve 2.2 demo


The SES 3.4 Rim and 3.4 AR Disc

A true do-all disc wheel. It's light, it's aero, and it's suited for everything form high intensity crit races to ultra endurance gravel. We've got the 3.4 for rim brake and 3.4 AR for disc. 

enve demo 3.4 ar

The G23

The most bomb proof gravel wheel we've seen yet, while being the lightest disc-brake wheel in Enve's line up. 

enve g23 demo

The G27

The 27.5 counterpart to the G23. Move tire volume, more traction for those who prefer more cush on gravel.

enve g27 demo

Not sure what wheel to try? We've got extensive experience riding them all, and are here to guide you in the right direction. But don't just take our word for it, you can even test different models back to back to see for yourself which option best suits your needs.

enve demo gravel

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