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Decoding the Sarto Bikes Range

Ben Jones |

Fully custom carbon bike frames are still relatively rare. Fully custom carbon frames that live up to our exacting standards here at Above Category number just one: Sarto Bikes of Italy.

Since the 1950s, Antonio Sarto and his elite team of specialists in Veneto, Italy, have been elevating the art of first steel and, since 2003, carbon fibre bike frames. Now led by Antonio's son, Enrico, today, Sarto focuses solely on creating custom carbon bicycle frames for its discerning customer base.

As a lesser-known specialist in the field, Sarto's range of models needs a little introduction. However, before we decode its range of models below, it's worth noting that the price of any Sarto frame model generously includes custom geometry, a custom carbon layup, and custom paint, all intended to turn your cycling dreams into reality.

The Sarto Raso

The Raso is the newest offering from Sarto. The frame uses a unique carbon tooling system that allows it to be lightweight and aerodynamic and still have a well-damped ride. The Raso starts at 890 grams before paint and has a carbon layup that balances aero speed with a smooth ride without moving parts or extraneous suspension bits. Able to accommodate up to a 700x35 tire, some people are calling this an all-road bike. But we just call it a phenomenal option for those eyeing a performance bike built for speed that doesn't sacrifice a pleasant ride quality or limit tire width. There is a reason why the Raso is one of our most popular bikes at AC right now. The Raso is disc brake only and comes with a frame, fork, seat post and one-piece bar/stem combo.

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Sarto Seta Plus

The Seta/Seta Plus/Seta Plus Tri-Composite

Most performance bike brands have their "do a little bit of everything go-fast" bike. For Sarto, that bike is the Seta Plus. With a low target weight of 930 grams before paint, the Seta prioritizes speed, comfort and stiffness-to-weight and makes a phenomenal daily driver for those riders looking for a sporty ride. Fun, versatile and classically beautiful, the Seta makes a great riding partner wherever your local loop may take you. The Seta is available in rim brake, disc brake and tri-composite variants.

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Sarto Lampo - Rim Brake

The Sarto Lampo/Lampo Plus

This frame is for the sprinters. Stiff, aerodynamic and ready to race for the finish line, the Lampo and Lampo Plus are Sarto's aero race bikes. At 1100 grams before paint, the Lampo puts weight in the backseat to a high stiffness-to-aero ratio. If that sounds like gibberish to you, we recommend the Seta or Raso. However, if you're looking to clean up at your local sprint, the Lampo is one ludicrously fun, fast and efficient ride. The Lampo is available in both rim and disc brake. The disc version comes with a one-piece bar/stem combo.

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Sarto Asola - Disc

The Sarto Asola/Asola Plus

The climber's choice of the Sarto line-up, the Asola starts at 850 grams before paint and can be built up so far below UCI regulation weight that your friends will think you're cheating when the roads begin to rise. The Asola is one of Sarto's best-selling bikes for a reason. Climbing bikes make everyone feel like Alberto Contador and will make you smile as you tackle and no doubt exceed your annual elevation goals. The Asola is available in both rim and disc brake.

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The Sarto Gravel TA

The Sarto Gravel TA

The Gravel TA is Sarto's take on a do-everything gravel bike (shocking, right?). With clearance for 700x48mm (or 650b x 2.1") tires, the Gravel TA can accept a front derailleur or run 1x. At 1000 grams before paint, the Gravel TA is lighter than most of the competition in its category. Furthermore, the versatility of running a front derailleur with super high-volume tires mounted makes the Gravel TA a truly unique offering. Additional mounting points can be added to the frame if you want to take the Gravel TA bikepacking or be ready for whatever the streets and trails bring your way. Adventure bike, gravel bike, gravel racer - the Sarto Gravel TA is the one bike to rule the dirt. The Gravel TA is disc only.

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*All weights are based on size medium frames, before paint.
**" Plus" denotes a fully integrated cable-routed variant of a specific model. All Plus models are disc brake only.
***" Tri-Composite" is a specific carbon layup Sarto creates that integrates metal threads into the carbon construction for a stronger frame, a smoother ride and a gorgeous aesthetic. Tri-Composite is only available on specific models.

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