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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW: A SIlver-Pop Pegoretti Responsorium

Chad Nordwall |

Today’s Bike of the Week is a reminder that when it comes to custom bikes, the difference is in the details. And when that bike begins with a Pegoretti Responsorium frame painted in the Bottega’s ‘surprise me’ Ciavete signature style, the pressure is on to go beyond the norm.

Take the Chris King x Pegoretti D11 headset. Black would have worked fine, but there’s something about silver against a white color base that presses our nostalgia button. We’ll blame the sight of our first set of chrome cranks. Some things stay with you. So as you can imagine, we leapt at the chance to spec complementary Cane Creek ee Cycle Works brakes in silver, too. Refreshingly, not the usual black. Too good! And, of course, we topped off all that flash with a plethora of low-profile Lindarets titanium bolts throughout the build.

No cherry. No cake.

And who said a black cockpit doesn’t jibe with a silver headset? On some forum somewhere, somebody. But it stands. Those Extralite Hyperstems are the bee’s knees, as is the Black Inc. handlebar. Das rocks. And while we’re in Germany, how about those Tune Wasser Träger 2.0 bottle cages?

Here’s another cherry: CeramicSpeed. Everywhere. Pulley wheels, bottom bracket. The works. Combine that Danish path of least resistance with a waxed Campagnolo Super Record chain (the rest of the group joined the party, too), and you’ve got yourself a drivetrain so wondrous, it could encourage a passing minstrel to compose a sonnet, which would be great and all, but Lutes.

The wheels. Lightweight Meilensteins. And not in Schwarz ‘all-black’ edition either. Those white decals pop against the frame. Had they been black, something would have been lost.

Home straight. The seat clamp. Lately, we’ve been favouring a Darimo Sub 4 Seat Clamp as a swap out for Pegoretti’s stock clamp. It’s a little lower profile. We love it.

We could look at this one all day. Love it? Ride it.

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