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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW - A Dura Ace clad Team Sky K8

Anthony Little |


There has always been a special place in our hearts for Pinarello Dogmas. From the latest flagship F8 all the way back to the historic FP Magnesium, they've forever been a stalwart on our list of favorite rides. This week we bring you one of our latest Dogma builds, this time in the K8 flavor, and nicely dressed up in the Team Sky attire. A while back we wrote our impressions of this new cobble killing machine and we encourage you to give that a read, but from here we'll dive into the details of this particularly stunning build.


Holding down the contact points are the a Fizik cockpit up front paired with the Kurve chameleon at the perch.


This is no gimmick. The leaf spring chain stays and 3mm of damping are thoroughly impressive and make this one of smoothes and best tracking bikes on the road. A dream to ride over the roughest of roads.



We started with a Shimano Dura Ace Di2 gruppo but added some details in the form of a climbing shift pod and Cermaic Speed titanium derialleur pulleys.


Leverage, friction, traction. The Shimano caliper brake system offers unrivaled braking performance. We have been in love with the updates to the new Vittoria Rubino Pro, and the new tread shines especially bright on the 28c version.


Data is tracked though the Dura Ace SRM power meter and visible though the all new PC8 head unit.



From any vantage you happen to be at, this bike simply just looks good.


Curves, curves, and more curves. The Onda fork and shapely rear triangle  are just plain sexy. They look especially great with a pair of Zipp 303 tucked in.


We are pleased to report that the new owner of this K8, a long time rider Dogmas past, has been absolutely floored by how great this unique frame rides. We've had plenty of miles ourselves on this bike and have to agree. The Dogma K8 is a superb machine. If you've got any questions or are interested in a K8 of your own, feel free to give us a shot.

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