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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: Purple Pegoretti

Anthony Little |

Rules, formulas, traditions. They all exist, and for good reason, but it's important to remember that rules can and sometimes should be broken. In this round of Bike of the Week, we bring you a stunning Pegoretti Responsorium. Painted in one of Dario's freeform Ciavete schemes, it's the perfect place to start with a completely unorthodox build.



Before getting on to the build, lets take a moment to appreciate this Dario Pegoretti masterpiece. It's not too common we get an order for a powder purple base, but this one just might spark a trend of more. From one tube to the next, the hand-painted graphics are true works of art.

No place is off limits for Dario's paint brush.


Many traditionalists get up in arms when we don't keep an Italian bike fully Italian. While we love Campagnolo, there is just something irresistible about the bulky new Dura-Ace 9100 on this skinnier-tubed steel frame.

While the new group is truly impressive, we couldn't help but sneak in some upgrades like the CeramicSpeed bottom bracket.


Distancing the build even farther from a traditional approach, we passed on both an Italian or Shimano wheelset, and went with the new Zipp 454. While such a modern and angular design might be an unusual pairing on a classic bike like a Pegoretti, one can't argue how at home they feel here. Not to mention, it's one the best riding wheels on road.

The 454 silhouette looks great on the bike and even compliments the Dura-Ace skewers.


Rest assured, we did keep the cockpit consistent. The full run of fi'zi:k's 00 line and bars wrapped in classic black Microtex tape.

While we may have strayed away from the typical traditions of a Peg build, we couldn't be more happy with how this one came together. We're happy to show that a beautiful, cohesive bike can come together regardless of the origins of each piece. With that we conclude this round of Bike of the Week. If you didn't get enough, stay tuned as we will shortly update our gallery with even more full res images of this amazing ride.

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