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Bike of the Week: An EPS Built Pinarello XLight

Derek Yarra |

Fat tire disc brake gravel bikes get a lot of praise around here at AC, but don't think for one second that we've lost our love for the faithful rim brake road bike. This week we share a thoroughbred race machine in the shape of the Pinarello Dogma XLight, a hybrid of classic, time-proven appointments and the latest in modern tech. Follow along as we take a deep dive into the build.

Pinarello Dogma F12 xlight

Frame Details

The XLight frame bears an identical silhouette to the standard F12, but with an even lighter carbon lay up. To shed the weight, it uses mostly unidirectional T1100G fibers rather than traditional T1000 1k, and a barely there clear coat. It's light, aero, and has an impressive world tour track record to back up it's performance.

pinarello dogma xlight frame details

Dogma Xlight


We made the most of the Most cockpit offerings on this build. (Yes, we went there.) Naturally this bike is equipped with the Talon Ultra integrated bar/stem, in this case the 100mm/44mm version, and the Dogma Proprietary post. The bars a wrapped in Deda bar tape. The Most Lynx carbon saddle finds its way here as well. A particularly comfortable unit, it's become a common choice here, even on non-Pinarello builds.

pinarello xlight most ultra cockpit

pinarello Xlight shadows

The Drivetrain

Campagnolo and Pinarello pairings have been quite popular at AC lately and this bike is another example. Nothing less than Super Record for this dark horse. 50/34 rings and an 11-32 cassette provide the gear range. To extend on the XLight motif, direct mount EE rim calipers are in place.

campagnolo super record eps Pinarello Xlight

The Wheels

Lightweight Meilenstein Obermayer wheels were the perfect fit for this build, matching the spritely ride feel and minimal weight. Tubulars, at that. Equipped with Ceramicspeed bearings, they roll smooth as can be. We've become strong believers in tubuless tires, but we'll always support the use of tubulars for the right build. 25c Vittoria Corsa Controls are glued up here.

Lightweight meilenstein pinarello Xlight

The Extras

Zooming in on the details, there's lots to see on this build. Matching the EE brakes are a set of EE/Cane Creek bar plugs (hidden beneath the Pinarello top cap, there's an EE headset compression plug too) The cranks are no ordinary Camagnolos, but rather an SRM/Campag power meter. Complementing the hub bearings, the power meter crank spins on a coated Ceramicspeed bottom bracket, while the Super Record derailleur has been outfitted with a coated OSPW system, all to save watts and enhance longevity.

srm power meter ceramicspeed OSPW ee bar plug

Rim brakes, tubulars, and Lightweights, this build screams classic AC, all while perfectly blending it with the latest in modern bicycle technology. Weighing in below the UCI limit, this bike tips the scale at just 14.5 lbs. Not bad for a reliable daily driver. If you've had the itch to get on a new dedicated road machine, give us a call and we'd be glad to bring that bike to life.

Pinarello Dogma Xlight profile baaw

For more images of this speedy black Dogma, head to the gallery here.

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