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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bespoke computer mount?

Anthony Little |

Woody "Macgyver" our shop manager has been growing a little tired of the minimal placement options of his Garmin 500 on the stem or bars. Plus he spent so much time to come up with the paint scheme on stem and bars that it was a shame to cover it up with the computer... So, in all it's glory Above Category presented by Woody debuts our custom computer mount thingi...

It's a little rough but this is prototype #1. To prove the Macgyver status, Woody made this from a cutting board!

Kind of looks like the SRM mount. Super tidy front end now. Woody was restricted by the materials he had which is why it's not perfectly centered. Again, this is #1...

Super aero! Not wind tunnel tested yet, but we'll get Smiley on it asap!

So, there you go, if you want one bad enough you can either talk nice to Woody and shell out maybe $1oo for his time, or wait for someone to actually make one as it is needed, esp. for TT bikes and such. (Unless of course, someone already does and Woody just wasted a Sunday!)

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