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Rene Herse TPU Tubes, 650B / 26''


The Rene Herse TPU Tubes, 650B / 26''

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We all know that tubeless tires are great for many types of riding, but you do have to top up their sealant semi-frequently to keep things cush. For those who don't frequent debris-strewn highways or other surfaces with a similar tire-cutting nature, and if your tires are wide enough (so you don't get pinch flats), tubes are still a sensible choice.

Now, the inner tubes of yore were made from butyl, and that was ok. But TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane - is increasingly preferred for riders looking to ride with tubes. TPU tubes are lighter than butyl (and latex) options, as airtight, more puncture-resistant, and faster (and the speed equal of latex). TPU inner tubes also pack petite, which makes them an ideal emergency backup for tubeless tires, because, as even the hardiest tubeless rider knows, you should always carry an inner tube for emergencies.

If there is a downside to TPU tubes, it's that most tend to use plastic valve stems, which deform when the metal valve core is screwed in. Then, the tube leaks because the valve doesn't seal. However, Rene Herse TPU tubes use an all-metal valve with patented technology for leak-free performance. Rene's tubes are also super light, but not ridiculously so. In fact, rather than pushing the tubes to the limit, Rene's TPU tubes feature a slightly increased wall thickness to increase puncture resistance and the chance of pinch flats. Plus, the extra thickness makes installation easier, especially with tubeless rims.



  • TPU tubes pack small, weigh less than butyl alternatives, offer more puncture protection and ride faster, too 
  • Superlight, but sensibly so
  • All-metal with patented technology to precent leakage
  • The perfect backup to a tubeless tire setup 
  • Presta valve
  • 50 mm or 70 mm valves
  • All-metal valves
  • Smooth valve stems
  • Removable valve cores
  • Weight
  • 650B / 26" x 30-48 mm, 48 g
  • 650B / 26" x 45-60 mm, 58 g
  • 70 mm valve adds 2 g
  • Made in Germany

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