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Open MIN.D

Open MIN.D
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The Open MIN.D

Introducing the MIN.D, the latest creation from the heralded Swiss cycle outfit, Open. Experience incredible comfort, dialed handling, scant weight, and minimalist design, focused into a dedicated platform for exhilarating performance on the road. Read more

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Open MIN.D
Open MIN.D
Open MIN.D
Open MIN.D


While it might look like a scaled-down version of its larger tire relatives, the MIN.D is a result of years of development and experimentation. Every tube shape has been engineered to find the perfect balance between a snappy, sporty ride with watt-saving comfort. The steering is refined for surgical precision and high-speed stability on the fastest tarmac descents. The integrated seat mast allows for even more fine-tuning of the comfort and compliance of the bike while maximizing overall weight savings. We mentioned it was light, right? A size medium frame with an uncut seat mast tips the scale at just 870 grams.

The MIN.D can fit up for 32c road tires, is compatible with 160mm rotors, takes a 386EVO bottom bracket, and is compatible with all drive trains, be it mechanical or electronic, 1x or 2x.


  • A high performance road bike frame using OPEN’s ultra-efficient tube shaping for power transfer, low weight & high strength
  • Continuous seat tube design
  • Tire clearance for modern road tires up to 32mm 
  • Available in standard 2x and dedicated 1x version
  • Classic, understated look in both shaping and color