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Lightweight Meilenstein 24E Tubular Wheels - Schwarz Edition


The Lightweight Meilenstein 24E Tubular Wheels - Schwarz Edition

An exceptional all-round road wheel for the high mountains, training and valley-floor assaults. Read More


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Lightweight's Meilenstein wheel is the German brand's most successful road wheel, an exceedingly stiff, arrow-fast performer well-suited to the rigors of modern road riding. As the proving grounds of Marin County attest, the Meilenstein climbs, descends and barrels along the flats at quite a clip - an excellent all-rounder on the road that does everything well.

Impeccably engineered and handmade in Germany, the Meilenstein, like all of Lightweight's wheels, is a watchword for quality and precision. It features the brand's proprietary Pentagon hub, a sleeve that all but resists twisting under hard braking, a welcome characteristic that inspires confidence on the rivet.

The Meilenstein Non-Disc Tubular Wheel is available at Above Category in Lightweight's Schwarz Edition, an exclusive model that features CeramicSpeed bearing upgrades and all-black spokes, rims and logos. Does it look faster? We think so.


  • Handmade in Germany
  • Lightweight’s most popular road riding wheel
  • Ideally suited for high mountains, all-round, training and competition
  • Rim brake
  • Tubular
  • Rim width: 24 mm
  • Spokes: Front, 16 / Rear, 20 full carbon spokes
  • SchwarzED (Black Edition): Spokes, rim and logos in black, upgraded for greater durability and lower rolling resistance with CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings

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